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Why are you making video?

Imagine, if you will, a potential client calling our office frantic with ONE NEED: “We need a marketing video!”

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B-Roll: Do’s and Don’ts for Video Marketing:

So, you’re ready to dive head first into video marketing and start making video for your company. Well, we want to give you a little inside knowledge so you can communicate effectively with your...

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Trendwatch:  Lead Generation to Increase Conversions [REPORT]

Just like you, keeping up to date with current research and trends in marketing is a priority.  So, we thought you'd like to know about a report we came across called “Lead Generation to Increase...

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The keys to great video are honesty and authenticity

Sometimes, simple things are hard to say. Things like "I'm sorry", "I messed up" and "I need help", or "I don't know".

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Link Roundup: video, marketing, music & food

This is where we share the gems we’ve picked up while surfing the web.  This link roundup is about likes and dislikes.  

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The Power of Video: Solving Marketing Challenges

Hear that?  Click, tap, whoosh?  That’s the sound of research happening.  Getting answers to questions requires an internet-connected device.  A wealth of information is available at our...

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Video and Email: A Dynamic and "Force"-ful Duo

Let’s talk about a dynamic duo that you should be using in your marketing strategy: video and email.  They go together like Han Solo & Chewbacca, C-3PO & R2-D2, and Rey & Finn.  (We know, we’re ...

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8 Tips for Hiring a Video Production Company that "Gets" your Business

Do you have a best friend that can finish your sentences? Someone who “really gets you”? When you’re talking with this person, you feel as if you can read each other’s minds - it’s almost magical....

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One Video does NOT Make a Video Strategy

When it comes to video for your business, one is the loneliest number.  We’ll make a case for this in a bit.  First, think about this number: 62% of businesses said that video on their homepage...

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Five ways to use mobile phones to make video for your business

These days, we all carry around HD video capture devices that also happen to make phone calls and run apps.  So, why not use it to make video for your business?  What a great way to capture small,...

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